Hot spring Bath

Private unit hot spring bath.

Hot spring bath water is provided with the headspring of Matsue Shinjiko "Onsen" which is just 2km away from our hotel.
There has been set the direct under pipeline to be provided the Onsen into all hotel rooms for long time.

The quality of the hot spring water is quite balanced with minerals, but smelling normal and colour is rather clear.
A little alkalic containes Natrium and Calcium.

Original spring's temperature is about 70℃. However we provide it with temperature 40~43℃, and served 24 hours a day.
It is said that good for a sore shoulder, joint pain and weakened stomach.
Also they say that skin will be smoothen and soften after a bath.

There are deluxe double room and twin room with special bathtub in Main building where you can look-over the beautiful Lake Shinji and the river from the bathroom.
It will be a quiet special experience that can heal your body and relax your spiritual aspect as well.